April 11, 2021

9. Mads Fosselius CEO and Co-founder, Dixa – Owning the ecosystem is always better than just being part of it!

In this episode, we speak to Mads Fosselius CEO and cofounder at Dixa, one of the fastest-growing conversational customer support platforms in the world. Here is a humble and yet bold story of how Mads and his co-founders decided to disrupt a customer service world, where point solutions were the norm, with a Platform philosophy to bring it all together. Join us as Mads shares how they got started, what it meant to build a SaaS company with the ecosystem in focus, from product to GTM strategies. Mads generously shares with all of us great and tangible insights on how to get airborne, the do’s and don’ts, and what we all want to figure out when building an eco-system – how do I get other companies to build into my solution. This and a lot more insights with a focus on how you become successful with your platform and ecosystem play.

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