April 11, 2021

7. Ola Sars Founder and CEO, Soundtrack Your Brand – The art of running a content-driven SaaS company!

In this episode, we speak to Ola Sars Founder and CEO of Soundtrack Your Brand, the music tech startup that is revolutionizing the B2B space. Ola introduces us to the concept of a content-driven SaaS company, and what it means to be running the Spotify of the B2B world. This is an exciting journey with one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the music tech space with several exits in the past, and this time around he is aiming to make it bigger than ever. Join us to learn more about what a content-driven SaaS company is all about and how that fundamentally is different from a “traditional” SaaS company, all the way from product development, GTM, KPI management to company valuation.  

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