August 19, 2021

22. Fredrik Rönnlund COO, Leadoo Marketing Technologies – What is the the role of your professional board?

In this episode, we speak to Fredrik Rönnlund COO,  Leadoo Marketing Technologies, the Finnish-based Conversion Platform for Marketing and Sales powering over 800 customers worldwide.

Fredrik joins us to talk about the role of the professional SaaS board. Currently, with 4 board assignments with Leadoo, Kundo, Miradore, and Bonalive Biomaterials, he has a direct view of what a good board look likes, and how it best supports the business to succeed? Spoiler alert, being good at numbers is not good enough :)!

This is an exciting and insightful conversation about how you shape, engage and involve your board to get the most of that relationship! Listen in, particularly if you are in the process of hiring your first professional board!