June 23, 2021

19. Mikael Thuneberg CEO, Supermetrics – the amazing story of bootstrapping to 36m Euro ARR!

In this episode, we speak to Mikael Thuneberg CEO and Founder, Supermetrics, about how they’ve taken the world by storm with their platform that helps businesses manage and understand their marketing data. 

This is a great story about how Michael working as an analyst couldn’t find the right tools to support him in the work and therefore built something for himself! That was the birth of Supermetrics and in this episode, we talk about the journey of bootstrapping the business to tens of millions of Euros. What did it take? How was it done? What are some of the best learnings from this journey and many other things are being addressed in this episode?

What makes this even better is that for most of the journey it was done without any sales organization whatsoever – this was a PLG journey from day 1!

Here we have a story like no other, a self-made man that hasn’t spent a single investment dollar to get to 500k customers and over 36m Euro in ARR! Tune in and be inspired!