May 20, 2021

17. Søren Skovbølling Chairman of the board, Digizuite – the journey to a successful IPO!

In this episode, we speak to Søren Skovbølling Chairman of the board, Digizuite – the Digital Asset Management platform that has seen a growth of 600% over the past few years and recently got listed on the stock market in Denmark.

Søren navigates us through the process of going IPO, from the planning sessions, investor pitches to the very launch and what his learnings are from this exercise. Spoiler alert; if you have prepared properly the journey can be rather quick – the devil is in the preparation and planning! 
So what is it that you need to think of, what are some of the unforeseen challenges and pitfalls that you can learn from in your own journey, and the hot topic of how do you define the right value of your business….these and many more relevant topics are discussed in this episode. 

If you are considering the IPO route for your own business, then this is a great start for you to learn from someone that has done it successfully. Tune in!