April 11, 2021

14. Linn Bredesen CTO, itslearning – How to scaleup when usage incerases 5 fold in a weeks time?

In this episode, we speak to Linn Bredesen CTO, itslearning, the fast-growing EdTech SaaS company from Norway that is supporting and empowering students and teachers all over the world with their Digital Learning Management System.

Linn takes us through the amazing growth of itslearning, and more specifically how they have successfully prepared their product and teams to manage peaks in usage, especially like the one they experienced fueled by Covid when big parts of the world went into distance teaching overnight. Linn speaks about the power of the cross-functional team, having a plan in place, and the ability to reinvent oneself when needed. Not everyone can manage 5x growth overnight in usage – itslearning figured it out!

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