What is the best advice successful SaaS entrepreneurs always give?
Don’t be afraid to ask for advice, and leverage the learnings and experience from people that already have mastered the challenges you have ahead of you!
This is the very mission of SaaS Nordic, to bring together the Nordic SaaS community and facilitate a dialogue between peers to share experiences, learn and evolve, and serve as a sounding board to each other.

How does this happen:
– Slack Community: Exclusive peer to peer for community for professionals working for Nordic SaaS companies
– Podcast: Interview format, discussing with founders and leaders about specific topics relevant to the community  
– Clubhouse: Panel discussions with 6 SaaS professionals at a time on relevant topics where the audience can directly and live interact with the experts. From two curios SaaS professionals that always look to learn and evolve – join us in the dialogue. 

Daniel & Thomas
Founders of SaaS Nordic
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