About us

Welcome to SaaS Nordic, thanks for checking in! SaaS Nordic is a community-based initiative, started by Thomas Sjöberg and Daniel Nackovski in November 2020, with the purpose of facilitating dialogue and knowledge exchange to help Nordic B2B SaaS professionals and companies reach their full potential.

How we got started
Our two co-founders Daniel and Thomas met in 2016 while working for one of the largest B2B SaaS companies in the Nordics and in their roles as Revenue leader (Daniel) and Market Evangelist (Thomas) they spend a lot of time together :). It turned out that they shared a big common interest, scaling and building fast-growing B2B SaaS businesses. More specifically, they wanted to demystify what separated the best and fastest growing B2B SaaS companies from the rest, and this is how the SaaS Nordic podcast – the SaaSiest podcast in the Nordics came to life. The podcast welcomes the greatest B2B SaaS leaders to come on air and share some of their secret sauce, their tips & tricks with the SaaS Nordic community, with the purpose to share valuable lessons learned for others to benefit from.

Our very mission is to democratize and make available all the knowledge and experience that already exists today on scaling and building great B2B SaaS companies, in a structured format, for anyone working operationally in a B2B SaaS business to access, leverage, and learn from. Together we will grow stronger as professionals and organizations!

Fast forward to today, SaaS Nordic is the largest B2B SaaS community in the Nordics with over thousands of members which we regularly meet in the following channels:

  • SaaSiest Podcast – Interview format, discussing with founders and leaders about specific topics relevant to the community
  • SaaSiest event – The largest and most engaging B2B SaaS Community event in the Nordics
  • Slack community – Exclusive peer-to-peer community for professionals working for Nordic SaaS companies
  • SaaSNordic.com – news site powered by the community members, where tips and tricks are shared on scaling and growing
  • SaaSiest.tv – on-demand streaming service
  • SaaSiest CEO Network – Exclusive membership group for B2B SaaS CEOs
  • SaaSiest Exec Network – Exclusive membership group for VP & C-level SaaS professionals
  • SaaSietstjobs – largest job board in the region specifically focused on B2B SaaS jobs

We’re just getting started – Join us in this co-creation mission to democratize the knowledge needed to scale and build a great B2B SaaS company!

Daniel & Thomas
Founders of SaaS Nordic
Email us at [email protected]